O Rings

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O Rings

O-rings are circular sealing components with circular cross-sections that are primarily used for static applications. Our O-rings are constructed in compliance with international metric and imperial standards such as AS 568B, DIN ISO 3601 and JIS. Personalized sizes of almost any scale are available, such as miniature O-rings, unique O-rings with large dimensions and constantly shaped and spliced strings.

The O-ring, also recognized as the packaging or a toric joint, is a mechanical gasket in the form of a torus; it is a circular cross-section elastomer loop designed to be placed in a groove and squeezed among two or more parts during installation, forming a seal at the interface.

The O-ring could be used in static applications or in different applications where there is relative movement between the pieces and the O-ring. Dynamic representations include rotary pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder piston pins. Static implementations of O-rings which include applications for fluid or gas sealing wherein the O-ring is compressed ending in zero clearance; the O-ring material is vulcanised such that it is impervious to fluid or gas; and the O-ring material is immune to fluid or gas deterioration.

O-rings are among the most popular seals used in machine design since they are cheap, easy to produce, durable and quick to instal. They were tested to seal up to 5000 psi (35 megapascals) of strain. The overall prescribed pressure of the O-ring seal depends on the thickness of the seal and the compliance of the gland.

Applications of O-rings

As the name suggests, high-temperature sealing o-rings are equipped to endure intense heat while retaining a stable seal among two surfaces or materials.

This makes them suitable for challenging industries and conditions such as oil and gas power plants, chemical manufacturing, or any other situation where high-temperature sealing is necessary, such as high-performance transport applications such as turbocharged engines and aerospace engineering.

Why Choose Flextron?

  • AS568 and ISO 3601 regular sizes
  • Thickness range from 10 to 90 Shore A durometer
  • 8,000 diverse non-standard sizes
  • Custom-made requests can be given upon appeal
  • We can ensure the prompt delivery of most sizes in big or small quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The o-ring production process is comparatively easy and the details of any particular o-ring design and development process usually take into account the necessary quality, quantities, application setting, cost-effectiveness, chemical and friction compatibility, durability and lubrication specifications.

O-ring processing typically depends on methods such as compression, transfer or compression moulding, machining or extruding. There are a range of high-performance components used in the manufacture of o-rings, varying from nitrile and silicone rubber to fluorocarbons, metals and much more.

O-rings are most often used in pumps, pipes, cables and valves, helping to close joints between different sections to avoid leakage of fluids and gases. They are used for static, responsive, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, making them a highly flexible solution to a widespread engineering problem.

Whether sold separately, in large bulk lots or – as is increasingly usual – as part of a highly versatile selection of o-ring packages, the basic shape and function of o-rings are essentially the same across the board.

Their meaning, as inferred, merely refers to the classical form of a doughnut or torus, and it occurs solely to create a stronger, more leak-proof seal between two other elements, usually with the purpose of avoiding unnecessary exhaustion of gases or liquids. In this way, they are essentially a form of gasket-the only distinction being that o-rings are most widely found in extremely high-pressure conditions where standard liquor, paper or rubber gaskets are prone to collapse.

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