Fabricated Wear Ring

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Fabricated Wear Ring

Flextron is recognized as the top manufacturer of Rubber Wear Rings or Lead Rings or Wear Strips which are made to length to allow the manufacture of custom rings. They are engineered and manufactured to protect the wear between two metallic materials regulate lateral movement, sustain transverse forces and maintain smooth cyclic motion and stop metal from touching other metal. This would increase the efficiency of all systems.

Key Economic Markets For Fabricated Wear Rings

Flextron wear rings are utilized in important components in a range of installations and applications, such as:

  • Impellers, Pumps & Motors
  • Excavator
  • Fork Lifting Trucks
  • Mechanical handling equipment
  • Deck and Mobile Cranes
  • Lifting Bridge Cylinder

Advantages Of Fabricated Wear Rings

While there are areas where metal wear rings are acceptable, there are various advantages from the use of non-metallic variants in fluid control applications such as off-road, material processing, automotive machinery, mobile hydraulics and agricultural equipment. The benefits include:

  • Desirable behaviour of friction
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Simple installation
  • Mechanical vibration damping
  • Strong wiping effect
  • Defence of the seal from "diesel" (hydraulic fluid flowing too quickly across the cylinder)
  • Reduction of local stress levels
  • Decreased downtime due to less exposure to rods or pistons and longer product life

Characteristics Of The Fabricated Wear Rings

  • Broad selection of pumps to accommodate various duty points.
  • Since the pumps are made of stainless steel sheet metal, the friction loss is relatively low and the pump performance is very high. The consequence is reduced running costs.
  • Provides very high wear resistance due to the construction of stainless steel.
  • Lighter weight that lowers installation costs.
  • The strainer is permanently fitted to the pump and is not allowed to be withdrawn while the pump is connected to the engine, ensuring that the strainer is still correctly mounted to avoid damage to the pump from small stones entering the pump. Both pumps are fitted with a powerful non-return valve for water hammer reduction.

Why Choose Flextron?

Consistency of wear-ring efficiency ensures quicker installation and improved service life between switches. At Flextron, our whole team recognises the need and thus provides high-quality goods, which are specially manufactured in our in-house tool room.

In addition, with us you can tailor your order and ensure that the final deliverable meets your specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conditions of operation:

  • Operating temperatures up to -25°C to 65°C
  • Oh, Max. Quantity of sand in water: 508/m3
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise as seen from the coupling side of the pump
  • Appropriate for aggressive water use.

There are a number of different types of split designs:

  • Angle cuts are regular for hydraulic applications. The angle helps to reduce the loading of the edges at the ends of the ring and is favourable for linear systems.
  • Straight (butt) cuts can often be seen on strip or net moulded rings and are most commonly used in rotary applications.
  • Step cuts also provide best coverage of the wear ring and can serve as a buffer toward pressure spikes, but generally at an added charge.

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